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Last Update: 18.04.2022

We would like to inform you about the activities carried out by our company MAP360 Yazılım Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“MAP360” and/or the “Company”) through the www.map360.world. Membership is not prerequisite to purchasing MAP360, a digital measurement and future projection content provider operating in the field of sustainability and efficiency. As such, membership is not offered as a prior action of service to access MAP360 products. If you want to access MAP360 products without being a member, you can reach us directly through our contact addresses. Unlike purchasing without being a member, the membership option is designed for users who want to receive a personalized service unique to them. In order to offer these personalized advantages, some of your personal data may need to be processed for the purposes specified below, shared with our contracted professional business partners, and recorded in our programs and/or systems provided by our technology suppliers. Some of your personal data, which must be processed to ensure customer satisfaction, can only be processed with the explicit consent of our customers. Personal data, which must be processed to ensure customer satisfaction, can only be processed with the explicit consent of our customers. If you do not want to give explicit consent, you can reach us directly at www.map360.world and through our up-to-date communication channels.

With your explicit consent:

a. Processed Personal Data and Collection Methods:

ID information (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, TR ID number, gender, passport validity date, passport number), contact information (e-mail address, billing, and delivery addresses, mobile phone number); customer transaction information (demand information, order information, billing information, customer comments), financial information (credit card information), marketing information (cookie records, shopping history, explicit or implicit user ratings), transaction security information collected during your use of our website ( IP Address Information, Website Entry and Exit Information, User Name Information, Password Information, Traffic Data such as Connection Time / Duration) and location data, which can be collected according to your preferences in your internet browser will be processed.

b. Processing Purposes of Personal Data and Legal Grounds:

Your personal data listed above may be processed with the legal ground of "explicit consent" regulated in paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the KVKK, and within the scope of the same legal reason, they may be shared with third parties in the country and with third parties abroad, our business partners/suppliers in accordance with the rules in Article 9 of the KVKK if you become a MAP360 member. In this context, personal data processing purposes are as follows:

Creating unique advertisements, promotions, and campaigns, cross-selling, target audience detection, carrying out activities that increase the user experience by tracking customer behaviors, improving the functioning of the MAP360 website and mobile application and personalizing it according to customer needs, direct and indirect marketing, execution of personalized marketing and remarketing activities, execution of personalized segmentation, targeting, analysis and internal reporting activities, planning and execution of market research and customer satisfaction activities, planning and execution of customer relationship management processes, commitment to the products and / or services offered by MAP360 planning and execution of the creation and/or enhancement processes, and execution of communication activities within this scope 

c. Transfer of Personal Data Abroad:

If you become a MAP360 member by explicit consent, your personal data (ID (name, surname), contact (e-mail address, mobile phone number), employee rights, legal action, professional experience, audiovisual records, customer, business partner transaction, customer transaction (customer service ticket data, membership data, order data, comment data, payment data, bank account data, card data, billing data), marketing (campaign information, product information, gift check information) and transaction security (IP address) data) may be transferred to our Data Processors residing abroad (Google (Google LLC.), Amazon (Amazon Web Services, Inc.) Dynamics (Microsoft Co.),  Power BI (Microsoft Co.),  Yandex (Yandex N.V.) Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group)) for certain purposes (carrying out information security processes, executing communication activities, executing and auditing business activities, executing product and service sales processes, executing activities for customer satisfaction, executing customer relations management processes, executing marketing activities, executing storage and archiving activities, following up requests and complaints), since we do not have domestic alternatives to ensure service continuity by following the rules in Article 9 of the KVKK titled "Transferring Personal Data Abroad" and by taking the necessary technical and administrative measures. These companies chosen by MAP360 take data security measures in accordance with internationally accepted standards and undertake to provide the security level to their customers in accordance with these standards. In addition, many international legislations regarding personal data, especially the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legally ensures that this data is not processed by Data Processors (above-mentioned companies) other than MAP360's requests and purposes. Your personal data, which we transfer abroad due to the use of software provided by Data Processors, is not shared with other third parties abroad, except for the purposes stated above.

d. Your Rights

You have the following rights based on Article 11 of KVKK:

  • to learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
  • to request information if your personal data is processed,
  • to learn the purpose of your data processing and whether this data is used for intended purposes,
  • to be informed about the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred domestically or abroad,
  • to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any,
  • to request the erasure or destruction of your personal data under the conditions laid down in Law on Protection of Personal Data,
  • to request notification of the operations carried out in compliance with abovementioned rectification, erasure and destruction to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
  • to object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of your personal data, which leads to an unfavourable consequence for you,
  • to request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data.

By clicking the "Register" button on the registration page, you will accept that you expressly and without any pressure, consent to the processing of all your personal data above, limited to the processing purposes specified.

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