We are a team with passion.

Our team members

We are a team with passion. We have the passion to help organisations extract the true value of their ESG data and thus contribute generating positive impact. We are committed to help organisations trigger the transformation throughout their operations with the use of modern data science technologies.

Sustainability meets data science

Solving the global challenges ahead will only be possible with the use of the right technology. Our team consists of sustainability professionals with many years of expertise, software developers who love challenging the limits, consultants and advisors keen on collaborations to trigger change and raise awareness. We are determined to be part of the positive change combining our expertise and modern technologies.


companies have trusted our platform for the measurement of their impact on following areas:

  • CO2e Emissions
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Gender Equality
  • Social Impact
  • Supply Chain
  • Community Investment
  • Health & Safety

Our Team

Hello, I'm Ayla. I work as a software developer. My aim is to provide our customers the best software experience. Hard work goes well with dancing. I simply love dancing, especially Salsa. I also enjoy going camping and traveling.

Ayla Karacı
Software Development

Hello, I'm Aysu. I am responsible for ensuring that the products on our platform remain up to date with the latest ESG metrics aligned with global approaches and customizing the products in line with our clients' needs and expectations. I am interested in swing-era dances such as Lindy Hop and solo jazz, as well as playing soccer and cycling.

Aysu Çetin
Metrics & Data Science

Hello, I'm Bartu. I am responsible for improving the customers journey, developing new digital products and visualizing the sustainability data. I am passionate about discovering new cultures and traditional foods. I have two adorable cats who love to bother me while I work.

Bartu Özcan
Business Development & Data Science

Hello, I'm Emrullah. I am responsible for software development. My aim is to develop the best suitable products and make sure of a great user experience. I love to experiment with new technological developments, experiencing new cultures, traveling, and sipping my coffee while doing that. 

Emrullah Saku
Software Development

Hi, I'm Gokhan. I am responsible for growth. As a basketball enthusiast, I believe we make a great team with our customers, business partners and colleagues. There is much to be done for sustainability and it gives me great pleasure to help more and more organisations in this regard every day.

Gökhan İndap
Growth Lead

Hello, I'm İrem. I am a multidisciplinary designer. I am in charge for the visual parts you see in our social media. Being on the move and interacting with people and the world is the biggest inspiration for me. I care about emotions, colours & biophilic designs a lot.

İrem Yıldırım
Design & Social Media

Hello, I’m Özgün. I am the managing director of MAP360. I like bringing passionate people together to achieve great results. Our mission is to help companies generate positive impact. Joey, my dog is my secret superpower. We love to play and discover nature together.

Özgün İnceoğlu

Hello, I'm Selin. I am here to use the power of data in the field of sustainability and to help leave a better world to future generations. I am interested in data visualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yoga, dancing, and traveling are also my areas of interest.

Selin Özdemir
Marketing & Data Science

Hello, I'm Simge. I am responsible for updating the most recent ESG metrics, regulations, frameworks, and standards in our platform. I also contribute to new product development and build collaborations. I am passionate about listening to music and competitive gaming.

Simge Aydın
Metrics & Strategy

Hello, I'm Yasemen. I work as a software developer as part of our great team. I am responsible for making the necessary improvements in the software in line with the requests and experiences of the users. Reading comics and drawing are among the things I enjoy doing the most.

Yasemen Küçükoğlu
Software Development

Hello, I'm Muhammet. I am responsible for optimizing the software in line with the users' wishes and experiences. In my free time, I enjoy being on the football field or in the gaming world. I am someone who is constantly looking for improvement and balance in both my professional and personal life.

Muhammet Okumuş
Software Development
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