Harnessing the ESG data for positive impact.

Using the power of data analytics, we help organisations derive value from their ESG data and trigger positive impact for the planet and society. As a cloud-based SaaS, we enable companies to manage their ESG data flow anytime and anywhere.

We are in-line with
International Financial Reporting Standards

Our Platform

Efficiency in data flow

Efficiency in data flow

Data is hard to collect. We admit that. We have over a decade of expertise guiding complex organisations collecting performance data and converting it into consolidated results. With our smart solutions we increase your efficiency, and you can trust your own data more than ever before getting to conclusions.

Global compliance

We have international expertise in corporate sustainability performance management. We follow the international agenda closely and update our platform accordingly. So, if you use our agile platform, you can sit back and enjoy being in line with the most recent sustainability frameworks and standards.

Always updated
More users & notifications

More users & notifications

You can easily create users for your organisation and define their roles. After login every user finds a customised platform specific for their responsibilities. Users get notifications regarding any changes to be made on deadlines, content, tasks etc. automatically. This communicative process not only increases efficiency, but it also enhances the data quality.

AI & ML based insights

Give ESG data the rightful attention it needs by using the modern data science technologies, in order to derive value out of your own data. Benchmark results, quick win suggestions, future performance predictions and deductions are all possible due to our superior technological capabilities.

AI & ML based insights
Sustainability, visualised

Sustainability, visualised

Data is simply prettier when visualised. With our embedded BI solution, visualise your performance data in line with the most accurate internationally recognised sustainability frameworks. Our beautiful visualisation makes sure you detect what matters the most so that you do not miss any detail. With the use of smart filters and dynamic panels, you can extract the insight you are seeking for in the simplest way.

Data Security & Privacy

Your data is safe with us. We store data within the security measures and guarantee of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Due to this we have high uptime. We regularly run external security tests to provide the most trusted service possible. Our policies and processes are in line with the EU GDPR. For the details, you may refer to our policies.

Data Security & Privacy
Sustainability, visualised

Data Integration

Harness the power of MAP360 API to seamlessly integrate your ERP data into our platform. Automate your sustainability data input for enhanced speed and impeccable data quality. Opt for efficiency – choose MAP360 API for a streamlined sustainability management experience.

"Improve your sustainability performance and extract the true value of your most valuable data."

  • Simple data flow
  • Alignment to international sustainability frameworks
  • Unconventional metrics to measure your impact
  • User & role management
  • Easy to use & quick
esg analytics graph
  • Increased data quality
  • AI based data inconsistency test
  • Accurate data progressing
  • Data conversion & consolidation
  • Valuable insights
esg analytics graph
  • Data visualisation
  • Disclosure for investors & stakeholders
  • Obtain early warnings & suggestions
  • Foresee your future ESG performance
  • Detect risks & opportunities
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Store your sustainability data in a structured way.

Be ready to manage sustainability performance using modern data science technologies.

Learn how we can help your company to foster sustainability at scale.

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