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April 22, 2024

The Newest Member of Impact Driven B Corp Certified Companies: MAP360

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We are happy to share that MAP360 has joined the B Corp certified companies.

The B Corp movement aims to transform the world economy to make it more beneficial for all people and the planet. One of their closest partners in realizing the change they dream of is organizations that have proven their commitment to this mission by becoming B Corp certified. Organizations seeking B Corp certification must undergo a detailed review and prove that they balance profit and benefit, meet the highest social and environmental performance standards, and put transparency and accountability at the center of their business. 

Started in 2006 with the idea that companies should act responsibly towards all stakeholders, not just shareholders, the B Corp movement now brings together more than 8,000 organizations in 162 industries in 98 countries around the world. Members of the community include global companies such as Ben & Jerry's, Body Shop, and Patagonia, which have sustainability at their core. B Corp companies are required to renew their sustainability commitments every three years and make improvements if necessary. Both in the initial certification assessment and in the renewal processes in the following years, companies are eligible for certification if they pass an assessment called B Impact Assessment and achieve a certain score. In this assessment, which all companies can use free of charge to measure their performance, questions are grouped under five main headings: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Customers. Organizations that complete the detailed assessment can see their areas of improvement in their sustainability journey and compare their results with other organizations in the B Corp community. 

Overall, the B Corp assessment process focuses on the operations of companies and wants to see realistic and ambitious goals for social and environmental sustainability. However, some certificate holders are included in a special category called Impact Business Models. The common features of companies in this category are as follows: Offering a specific value proposition to a specific group of beneficiaries, the benefit offered being measurable and verifiable, the permanence of the business model (prioritizing social and environmental impact due to the design of the business model, making long-term plans according to the impact business model), being extraordinary. 

As MAP360, we are proud to be part of this global community that aims to be the best for the world. Since the first day we founded MAP360, it was one of our goals to join the B Corp Community as our business model is focused on creating benefit. At the end of an educational evaluation process that lasted about 1 year, we became the 10th B Corp certified company in Turkey with 103.2 points. 

We believe that having a B Corp certification is a reflection of our determination and commitment to creating positive change with our impact-oriented business model. With our mission to support companies to manage their sustainability performance more transparently and in accordance with data science technologies, it was an important milestone for us to see that our impact-oriented business model stood out in the B Impact Assessment, especially in the Customers section, and that our positive contribution to the sustainability performance of our customers was proven by the certificate. 

We are aware of the great responsibility this certification brings us. As a B Corp certified company, we are committed to supporting companies in making sustainable decisions and increasing our positive impact on the ecosystem.